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The Rea Book Committee:

Lee M. Rea, Betsy Rea Blankenship, Virginia Alexander S.K. Bjorlin,Eleanor Bass Hayes, Doris Alexander, Donave Alexander Hargett


ISBN: 978-1-934936-98-6

Softcover-462 pages-$35.00 plus shipping


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ISBN: 978-1-934936-99-3

Laminated Hardcover-462 pages-$60.00 plus shipping


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This is the story of the Rea Family that came to Mecklenburg County, North Carolina in 1763 and 1764 after the end of the French and Indian War. For 250 years the family has grown and flourished in this same area that was settled by our ancestors. As new land to the west was opened for settlement, many left to take part in the westward migration. Over a period of years the old family ties were broken and other generations did not know that they ever existed.This book was written to tell the story of our history to our new generations and to give them a sense of ownership in that heritage. For the descendants of those that moved west, it is written to encourage you to re-discover your North Carolina roots and to be aware of the history that is yours.


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