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Here Comes Minerva!!



By Minerva P. Shaw


ISBN 978-0-9706023-5-2

Paperback-150 pages-$15.00


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Minerva P. Shaw is a sassy, opinionated NC humorist who approaches the human dilemma with down home common sense and ribald comedy.  Her column, “Ask Me Anything” appeared in the Righter Monthly Review for several years. She’s everybody’s Best Friend and has no trouble telling one and all what they ought to do, how they ought to do it and why! You won't want to miss Miss Shaw’s tongue in cheek advice which comes with a guaranteed chuckles and even outright belly laughs!


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First Reader Comment

I just downloaded and finished your book!  Really funny!  I even read a few out loud to Von and he hee-hawed! I loved your intro on the chapter on friendship, too.  So true!  It's great that even after all these years someone knows all about you and still loves you anyway!  Lol! Am waiting to write the review because I want to get it right! I really, really laughed from page one on!  Good job!


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