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Minerva P. Shaw is a sassy, opinionated NC humorist who approaches the human dilemma with down home common sense and ribald comedy.  Her column, “Ask Me Anything” appeared in the Righter Monthly Review for several years. She’s everybody’s Best Friend and has no trouble telling one and all what they ought to do, how they ought to do it and why! You won't want to miss Miss Shaw’s tongue in cheek advice which comes with a guaranteed chuckles and even outright belly laughs!



Has the world has gone mad? Are our leaders are out of step with reality? Have you had passing thoughts that you might be the one who doesn’t “get it.” Forget that. It’s not you, it’s them.



This is all about growing up in the south during the 1930s and 1940s and going into the Army in 1953. Childhood adventures, my first real job at the telephone company and hunting stories. This was the south before “progress” came into our lives.  



Burnt Orange is a tiny principality in North Carolina. It consists of a house and lot on Highway 70 in North Carolina between and Efland and Mebane. King Charles, King of Burnt Orange is a most annoying man. The Goddesses Nondice, the Goddess of Dependable People, and Opal, the Goddess of Sex and Hilarity, engage Di Bona Fide, Tinsmith of the Gods, to fabricate a helm designed to make King Charles allow his daughter, Princess Francine, to get a life. The events depicted could have occurred anytime in history. They could occur anytime in the future. Who knows?



The Dating Adventures of a Widow is a small collection of creative nonfiction and award winning short stories by Rita Berman, a freelance writer for more than 40 years. Widowed after a marriage of 34 years she was surprised to find herself dating more men than when she was single.

The "Adventures" story offers both humor and advice. "The Polish Professor" is a family story that took place in London, England, after World War 2.  "Something to Think About, Solitary Confinement, and In Sickness and In Health" are fiction. The poem, "The Beach", was created for a lecture about Gertrude Stein that she gave to members of  Shared Learning of Chapel Hill, North Carolina.     


















Tim spreads it thick in this collection of wisdom, humor, and fantastically outrageous advice















An authentic snapshot of the True South with good ‘ole boys and the gals who keep ‘em straight. Witty and colorful in an idiom that all men of the True South will understand and appreciate.

In this unfinished memoir, Kenneth G. Robertson, a minister from Arkansas, shares his humorous anecdotes about traveling to other countries and meeting unique individuals from other cultures. From encounters with suspicious customs agents to conversations with beggars, this collection looks at the lighter side of traveling in new lands. 

A romantic comedy about how a wild playgirl living in Durham, North Carolina meets and falls in love with a telephone company engineer who lives in the rustic community of Timberlake. They meet in highly unfavorable circumstances but over a period of time each of them comes to a realization that they were meant for each other. Filled with hilarious scenes and witty dialog, it is a touching story set in Durham and Timberlake with scenes in New York City, Jacksonville, Florida, Mexico City and many locations in eastern North Carolina.

“A wicked sense of humor regarding sexual matters—very direct. The dialog is lightning fast. Very refreshing. I liked the way it roams around geographically.” Writer’s Digest, January 2007

Alan Parker was a young design manager for a small tool and die company. He happened to be single and had no immediate prospects for a permanent relationship. One day, the president of his company asked to see him. The president wanted his help with a ticklish personal problem. His beautiful 22-year-old girlfriend was pregnant and, like the days of old, he needed to marry her off. Alan would share a house with his boss’s mistress on a golf course within walking distance of the home where he lived with his wife. Allan accepted the offer of a nice, free home and a 50% raise to become a modern “paper husband” to a beautiful woman. It isn’t long before this happy arrangement begins to unravel one thread at the time.




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