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Thirty-four centuries ago, Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, had a son who was called Aeneas. Aeneas grew up to be a warrior and, after the fall of Troy, traveled to Italy to found Rome. Aeneas’s father was a mortal man whose name was Anchises, who, according to Homeric Hymn V, was as comely as the gods. This is the story of Anchises’ life in the generation before the Trojan War, as he prepared his son to meet his destiny.

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On a chilly January morning in 1948, an insurance salesman calls on a farm family hoping to sell insurance. What he finds is a cheerful housewife preparing dinner for her husband and his brother. Then her young son tells him his father and uncle were killed in an accident one year ago that day, and his mama is expecting them to return home at noon.

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In Longford, Kansas, on Christmas Eve, 1869, a Confederate widow and a Yankee veteran met for the first time. Their marriage the next day became an unforgettable celebration in this tiny prairie village, and it was a testament to the true spirit of Christmas.

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Some said Big Rock had been a cook in the Navy back in World War II but no one really knew for sure because Big Rock never talked about himself. Every day he cooked, gave advice, and supported his friends. Nobody knew his real name, or the name of his friend, Yogi.

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Follow North Carolina 3rd Militia’s top sniper, Huck, as he chronicles his battles with the People’s Planetary Revolution.  The P.P.R. brought communism to main street America through their political party, known by everyone as the Green Shirts. With the world in financial collapse, and the U.S. military dismantled from within, it’s up to freedom-loving patriots to resist any way they can.  “When the power went out, it was like someone hit a reset switch on the whole country. Everything changed.”  Freedom hangs by a thread, but the resistance will not accept defeat.


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                  of the Republic




Nothing goes according to plan when three child molesters kidnap a nine-year-old boy. Little did they know his mother was a former Marine Captain in the Marksmanship Training Unit at MCB Quantico.

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History repeats itself, or so they say. Must this cycle continue? Dr. Chambers takes readers on a 4,000-year journey through history to explore the implications of this question and more. Whether your motive is reading this enthralling book is history, philosophy or your reading pleasure, you will not be disappointed.


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Ernestine was truly perplexed. Her husband had given her that charm bracelet when Bud was born and each year they added charms to it, all of which had great meaning. When Bud had given her the key a few years ago, he teased her, saying it was the key to his heart. She never dreamed it was a real key that opened something.

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After her mother dies, young woman searches for her mother’s roots and learns that her modest and unassuming mother had a colorful, and tragic, history.

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This book will deepen your marriage or any relationship by building on principles found in the Bible.

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On a Friday after Thanksgiving, Katherine Anderson and her youngest daughter, Ellen, plan to meet her older daughters at the mall in New Bern, North Carolina to shop for Christmas. A violent jail escapee kidnaps them and forces Katherine to drive toward southwest Virginia. Her husband, Travis, sees them and suspects something is amiss when he sees them driving away from New Bern. He follows them on a terror-filled odyssey that ends in the snow on the eastern slope of Garden Mountain, west of Rocky Gap, Virginia.

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My Daddy was a great man, people said, and maybe he was. I don’t really know about that but he was a kind man who loved his family and who tried to make a difference in the lives of others.

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This collection of short essays and stories provide insight about reality as refracted through my mind.  Each one expresses concise ideas, and all are subject to further refraction in the prism of your mind as you read them. They originally appeared in Righter Monthly Review, spanning the years January, 2010 to January, 2013.

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The freelance reporter wondered why he was forcibly taken to a fashionable resort in the high Andean mountains to a National Economic Symposium the government of that tiny South American country was having. There he meets, and comes to know, and respect, the president’s mistress, Christina de La Rocha, who also happens to be the country’s only movie star. The Economic Symposium turns out to be the cover for a sinister plot and the reporter learns that he is supposed to be the pawn that whitewashes the affair in the international press.

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